UltraSurfUltraSurf is one of the software that will check you maintain the privacy, security and freedom on the Internet through the bypass censorship on the Internet through the surf anonymously and hide your IP through proxy servers UltraSurf and erase all traces cookies and browsing history to protect your privacy.

Ultrasurf allows you several functions including hide your IP, surf anonymously through a secure tunnel encrypted, open blocked sites, open forums blocked, open sites closed in any country, bypass censorship on the Internet, to maintain security and freedom on the Internet, privacy protection and encryption data from the beginning to the end of the matching navigation.

Is encrypt your data from the time of initial contact between your computer and the UltraSurf proxy servers is encrypted network traffic secure (HTTPS) of computer users to a Web server. Relays UltraSurf and HTTPS traffic without objection and web traffic regular (HTTP) is encrypted between the UltraSurf and web servers.